Tips to Conquer Hunger and Thirst from Moduit to Moduers

Hi Moduers,

The fasting month has been going on for almost a week, how is your experience this week? Hopefully for you that are practising this fasting keep staying strong and hope everything goes well. Especially the fasting month this year must feel quite different compared to the previous years as there will not be any breakfasting together with office colleagues or gatherings with friends due to the social distancing that has been implemented for almost 2 months. However, don’t be sad and keep looking at the positive side that although you are spending it fully at home, you could break your fast with family every day! When else can you break your fast every day for a month with your family? So, enjoy this moment while you can.


It has been almost 2 months since COVID-19 was first found in Indonesia, that is on 2 March 2020. As of 29 April 2020, 9771 people has been infected with the virus spreading all over Indonesia regions. Government has also implemented various measures as ways to contain the virus, such as social restriction in a large scale. For Jakarta region, this large-scale social restriction period has been extended until 22 May 2020. This means, you will be spending the whole fasting month at home.


There must be challenges during the month of fasting, including holding hunger and thirst, especially when you are spending all your time at home. However, don’t worry as Moduit has prepared tips to help you on this 😊


  1. Prepare yourself well

Preparation has always been an important factor for anything, including to practise fasting. During your fasting period, sahur preparation is one important thing to do so you could still have enough energy to do your normal activities during the day. Moreover, to be even more well-prepared, you could try preparing your food for your sahur the night before so you don’t need to rush during your sahur time.

  1. Find something more productive to do during your lunch hour

You might feel confused on what to do during lunch hour. Other than resting, perhaps you could do something more productive, such as learning new things including investment. In current era with advanced technology, you could access information easily. For example, you could learn about investment from the articles available in Moduit website. Don’t like reading? Don’t worry! Moduit has prepared videos for you to watch and learn about investment. You could check it out here.

  1. Switch your mind from feeling hungry and thirsty

Do you know that sometimes what you think can impact what you feel? In other words, probably sometimes you don’t actually feel hungry or thirsty but just because you think of food or drinks, then you feel hungry or thirsty. So try to switch your thoughts from food and drinks to prevent you from feeling hungry and thirsty when you actually are not.

  1. Encourage yourself and others to stay strong during fasting

Hunger is hard to avoid during fasting month. However, when you start feeling hungry, it is better for you to cheer yourself up and even if needed you could talk to your friends who are fasting as well so both of you could encourage one another. You will feel stronger after receiving those encouragement.

  1. Practices in the month of Ramadhan must still be executed although you are staying at home

You need to remember although this year’s fasting period you are spending it at home, which is different from the previous years, practices in the month of Ramadhan must still be performed because the reward from all good deeds in this holy month will be multiplied. Hence, although you are at home, practices such as some practices such as tarawih prayer, reading the Koran, zakat and alms especially during this COVID-19 period and other things must still be performed.


Those are the 5 tips that we could share and hopefully could help you who are doing the fasting during this month of Ramadhan. Keep the fasting spirit although you are staying at home and although you are fasting, don’t forget to keep investing regularly with Moduit.