Team with More or Less Expenses?

Hi Moduers!

How are you after going through social/ physical distancing to prevent further COVID-19 outbreak?

Perhaps for some of you, you might already feel bored or even you enjoy this moment as you could spend more time with your beloved family at home? Let’s try listing down your activities that might have changed ever since you started implementing social/ physical distancing and reduce the amount of activities outside of home!


On this article, we would like to share experiences throughout social/ physical distancing and we will categorized into 2 teams: Team with Less Expenses and Team with More Expenses. Which team are you in, Moduers? Let’s determine!



Team with Less Expenses

For you who have implemented work from home, what do you feel?

Do you feel your daily expenses gets lower as your daily transportation cost, public or personal are reduced? Or you spend less on outside food as you have more time and start cooking at home?

If you feel the above-mentioned, then you belong to Team with Less Expenses! Perhaps, the amount of money that is saved due to your lower spending can be used to invest! Especially when investing can be done easily and anywhere, including at home. Aside, investing is also important for you to prepare emergency fund in case needed at an unexpected time.



Team with More Expenses

Other than what are felt by Team with Less Expenses, perhaps some of you feel differently.

Do you feel your expenses gets higher as you could not implement work from home but due to the need of social distancing, you need to use your personal transportation and hence your fuel and parking expenses increase? Or perhaps due to this situation, your work operational hours gets shortened and so your income decreased?

Don’t worry, Moduers! Perhaps at current condition, you could revisit your expenses and try to reduce the unnecessary expenses. However, be confident that current condition is only temporary and after the situation gets conducive, the condition will be back to normal. When the situation has returned to normal, don’t forget to start investing to prepare for emergency fund in case needed at unexpected times, just like now.


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Oh, and since we have mentioned quite many times regarding the importance of preparing emergency fund for unexpected times, how much do you think is needed to be prepared for each individual? Curious? Stay tuned for our next article about emergency fund!