What Should You Do With Your THR? Check Out These Tips!

Hi Moduers,

Idul Fitri 2020 is coming up in around 2 weeks-time! There are various activities that are normally done on Idul Fitri celebration, such as visiting families, reunion with families and friends including eating ketupat and opor ayam together. Perhaps this year Idul Fitri 2020 celebration is quite difference if compared to the previous years due to the social restriction in various areas in Indonesia. However, keep up the spirit! You could still meet up with your families and friends virtually while monitoring the progress of the current situation and definitely you could gather together once the situation is conducive and back to normal.


Approaching Idul Fitri celebration day, usually there is another thing that makes you happy other than gathering with friends and families. What is that? Tunjangan Hari Raya or we normally call it as THR. THR is definitely one thing that will make you happy and perhaps what you are waiting for. In addition, since THR is considered as additional income and not regular if compared to usual monthly income. Hence, it is important to be able to make use of THR in the most effective way, especially in current situation. So how to manage your THR in a more effective way? Stay tuned with this article as we will discuss tips that we have prepared for you as follows:


  1. Pay off bill or debts

In the current situation, have you experienced a reduction in income due to reduced working hours which have caused a surge in credit card bills lately? By receiving THR, you can pay off your bills as soon as possible. Remember your credit card bills have interest, so paying them off faster will be better.


  1. Emergency fund

Have you not had the chance to prepare emergency fund previously? Or have you used emergency funds in emergency situations like today? You could either use the THR to return emergency funds that have been used lately for daily life expenses. On the other hand, THR can also be set aside to be allocated as an emergency fund for you who have not been prepared prior to this situation.


  1. Alms

You could also use the THR obtained to perform social works by giving alms to people in need, especially in the midst of the current COVID-19 conditions. Remember, all good deeds in this holy month will be multiplied in reward. So, let’s help our friends who are in need with more earnings from this THR.


  1. Investment

If you have paid your bills and have emergency fund that is sufficient to suit your needs ready, your THR will also be effectively used for investment. In addition to current conditions, many Mutual Fund products prices are at discounts if compared to prices at the beginning of the year. You surely want to buy stuff that are discounted but have the same quality, right? So, what are you waiting for? Allocate your THR for investment, especially as now investing could be done in a convenient and efficient way using the Moduit application.


  1. Personal consumption

Certainly not to forget, sometimes giving gifts to yourself is important as well. You have worked hard and rewarding yourself by purchasing things you want such as new clothes, new bags and others to appreciate yourself is a must. However, it is better if you could plan ahead and allocate funds that will be used for personal consumption in order to avoid wasteful spending. You could also check on items that might be on sale so you can get good quality stuff at a cheaper price.


Hopefully the above-mentioned tips could help you manage your THR better and more effective. Not to forget as well, it is important to stay safe and stay healthy during current situation.