The New Normal: When Instagram Turns into Selling Stalls

Hi Moduers,



From the title itself, you could tell that it is really up-to-date! You must have social media account such as Instagram, especially in today’s world where technology has advanced with affordable data package plans. Hence, the title of this article is surely relatable for you. You must have noticed that lately when you open your Instagram, your feed that used to be filled with pictures of families and friends traveling journey or activities outside of home, now has turned into friends and families doing their hobbies or activities at home, such as cooking or baking and have become their own home-chef even started to sell the food. On the other hand, Instagram Stories that used to be filled with activities with families and friends outside of home, now are filled with Instagram Live that give you lots of interesting information such as investment to chill conversation about random stuff to fill out free time. This has become daily habit during social distancing period that has been going on for 2 months. It has become the new normal, Moduers!



However, the interesting part about this phenomenon is that many people have successfully looked at current situation as opportunity and taken advantage of it. In the previous article, we have discussed that crisis is not only about danger. Instead, we could look from the positive perspective and take advantage of the situation as opportunity and even be wealthy during crisis period. Our Instagram friends must have passed through the 3 phases mentioned before: Accept the situation, Adapt to the situation and Adjust to the situation so that they could practice what we called as The New Normal. So, have you decided on your choice? Do you want to see current situation as opportunity or just lay down and do nothing while waiting for the crisis to end, then just act on the next crisis?



The crisis condition like current situation apparently has provided new creativity. Restaurants that used to only sell normal food in-house, now innovate themselves and start selling food such as rice box, frozen foods and even open online stores where customers could easily purchase their food with PO system days before. Moreover, people who used to only cook for their home now have started selling their food. Supported by the easy access of opening online stores and ease of communication using advanced technology such as WhatsApp, broadcasting message to give information has become fast, easy and cheap. Hence, promotion could be done easily. However, before reaching this stage, people must enrich themselves by learning more and doing Trial and Error so they could perfect their cooking. In the process of learning, we could also be rich in cooking knowledge and skills and end up being wealthy financially from the result of the food business.



Cooking is not for everyone – yes, we do agree. Therefore, perhaps you could ask this question to yourself. Do you like to provide financial service to other people? Or perhaps oftentimes you give or asked to give advice about financials to your friends? Do you know that your hobby and skills on this could earn you income from home? Yes, you read it correctly. For you who are interested in giving financial services to other people, there is career opportunity to be an Independent Financial Advisor as Moduit Advisor.



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