Social Distancing aka #stayathome

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Again, it is about Corona Virus (COVID-19) where positive COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has increased sharply into 579 people, with 49 deaths and 30 recovered per 23 March 2020. The quick spread of COVID-19 has increased the anxiety level of people in Indonesia, including all of us, and has reached 68% based on survey from Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) with Lembaga Survey Indo Barometer. However, don’t let this anxiety lead you to become buyer or seller who does not care about your surroundings.


Instead of being worried and perhaps panic due to COVID-19 outbreak that has spread so fast, let us help the government to slow down the spread. How?


Social distancing aka #stayathome

Other than maintaining your good health to avoid getting sick, including being infected by COVID-19, one of the ways to reduce the spreading of COVID-19 is through social distancing or recently got a new term as physical distancing. Yes, you might have heard this term quite many times lately, but are you aware what this term means? Social distancing means reducing outside of home activities (#stayathome) and face to face interaction with other people or to maintain distance of minimum 1 meter. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the way COVID-19 spreads is through droplets, which is produced when an individual cough or sneeze. Hence it is important to support the social distancing or physical distancing move to help slow down COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, government has implemented work from home policy to increase the level of effectiveness of social distancing.


So, lets support and take part in this act and help reduce COVID-19 spread in Indonesia! Oh, we have also prepared tips for you to execute social distancing (physical distancing)! 😊

  • Clean your hands while singing “Happy Birthday to You” song.
  • The duration of this song is 20 seconds, that is the minimum duration of washing hands properly
  • Obviously exercise should be in your equation! Not being able to go to the gym should not be your excuse, do simple exercises regularly.
  • Vitamin must be consumed according to the right dosage. Overdose of vitamin could give you undesirable side effects.
  • Indeed, currently is not the time to go on vacation. Even if we are healthy, we can still be carrier so we need to participate in this social distancing act. However, don’t forget even though you’re
  • Doing your activities at home, you can still invest as now you can still invest conveniently in the palm of your hands. So do remember,
  • 1 simple act can have impacts to
  • 9 people you meet at that moment


Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe and stay invested!


P.S: bonus song to accompany you during this #stayathome period

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