‘November Rain’ in the Capital Market – What does it mean?

Hi Moduers,

All of you must be aware that rainy season is starting in November.

But do you ever heard the term ‘November Rain’ being applied in the capital market? Not the ‘November Rain’ song from Guns N’ Roses definitely, although the term sounds similar.

Note: Special for you who are curious or want to listen to the song ‘November Rain’ by Guns N’ Roses, you could check it out in the end of this article😊

Why is the term ‘November Rain’ also applied in the capital market?

Do you know that within the last 10 years period, year 2009-2019, JCI shows positive performance only 3 times in the month of November. Yes! That means, for the other 7 times, JCI shows negative performance in the month of November – unlike December where within the same 10 years period (2009-2018), JCI shows positive performance for 10 times!

So, this is why the term ‘November Rain’ is also applied to the capital market.

What should you do at this moment?

Similar with the rainy season preparation – Moduers need to have preparation! Which means?

You could take the advantage of the ‘November Rain’ moment to take the opportunity to start investing in mutual funds. Afraid of hassles? Don’t worry! You could invest comfortably and free of hassles using Moduit application. Not sure how to start? Check out how to invest with Moduit from this link.

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So, wait no more! Don’t miss the opportunity 😊


P.S: Special for you who are curious or want to listen to the song ‘November Rain’ by Guns N’ Roses