Welcome To the Not-So-Normal New Normal

Hi Moduers,


Just a few more days according to the plan on easing the Large-Scale Social Limitation, that we have been through for approximately 2 months, will be done soon. What will Moduers do when this happen? Some are getting ready to meet friends again, some are planning to visit their favorite eating places, some are already planning a vacation, but some are still wanting to stay at home, because they are not dare to co-exist with the Covid-19 virus.


Whatever things Moduers will do certainly depends on your courage in facing the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. The courage will also depend on the background of each Moduers, some consider family at home, some consider the age, and so on. Similar to what we did before investing, we conducted an assessment known as the Risk Profiling. If you still remember the discussion on the article, there are 3 risk profiles, namely Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive. Not that Moduers with an aggressive risk profile will be braver to leave the house. Investment risk profile is determined by various things such as investment experience and the range of risks you are willing to borne when investing. To know your risk profile, let’s try to simulate it in the Moduit App.


A lot of talk about the New Normal Condition that we will live in after the lockdown easing is an abnormality, something that was considered unnatural before the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s also strange to think about it, normal is not normal 😊. What will happen later will certainly be different from what we lived before this Covid-19 pandemic, first when meeting friends, we do shake hands with each other, greeting the command, high-fives, kiss the cheeks, hugging, then we have to do high-fives using elbows, or long-distance greetings. Before, we walk on the side of the road full of indifferent dust and relax, then we will wear a mask and face shield. Before, we sit close to each other meanwhile there will be more distance that separates. Previously, a safe distance of 1 meter applies to motor vehicles, now it applies to humans too. The old normal one is to open a mask and hat when entering buildings or ATMs, now it is not allowed to enter certain buildings unless wearing a mask.


But some will remain the same, during the lockdown and after the lockdown easing was in place, what is it? Yes, it is doing mutual fund investment using the Moduit Application. Mutual fund investment using Moduit Application remains the same, it can still be done online, anywhere, and anytime. Moduers can also continue to enjoy the convenience of investing in mutual funds easily, affordable starting from IDR 10,000 only and, free of transaction fees. The choice of mutual fund products from 15 curated Investment Managers can be your solution to achieve financial goals in the future, as well as to prepare yourselves in anticipating future emergencies. Do you know the strength in the consistency of investing even with a small nominal? This principle also does not change.


For Moduers who have not yet tried to invest but want to get started, the easy way is, download the Moduit application on the Google Play Store or at the Apple Store closest to your hand. Registration only takes less than 10 minutes. For convenience, first, prepare your ID Card.


If Moduers wants to increase knowledge about investment, especially mutual funds, you can access this link:


Moduit Knowledge Center



Welcome To the Not-So-Normal New Normal, but Moduit remains the same in accompanying Moduers to invest.