Moduers Story – Money Management Tips


Nothing is instant in this world. This applies to business, career and investments. In the beginning, I started to invest small amounts since I was still new to investing and did not see any positive gains. I was slapped with a 100% loss.


Everything takes time. I started being consistent and discipline in my investing pattern, rolling over my investment until I noticed increasing results, or known as compounding interest. If we regularly invested 1 million each month and given an interest rate of 10%, our investment will be 1.97 billion in 30 years. Compare to savings of 1 million a month, the returns will only amount to around 360 million. This difference is literally like sky and earth when starting with 1 million in capital, imagine with 2 million, 3 million and so on, the result would be phenomenal. However quite challenging, results can only be obtained through patience, discipline and commitment.


Apart from being committed, success can also be achieved through proper money management. The simplest form of money management is to set aside some money for our savings first then spend the rest. Most of us put savings last but we all know our money usually dries out even before the month ends. Here is a simple illustration of money management to follow:



10% for investment

10% for education (gain knowledge)

10% for charity

10% for an emergency fund

10% for vacation

50% for spending (on daily needs)


From the sample above, turns out we can start achieving if we practice good discipline. There is a term pay yourself first, I just heard it myself which means we need to set aside for ourselves first aka investing and this is so true. In the past, I used to set aside money but didn’t invest, or invested but was not consistent and as a result, I got nothing in return or the bare minimum. And now, I pay myself first.


When I started adopting the simple illustration above, I modified the percentage amount for investment accordingly to 15%. However recently, that percentage amount got a lot bigger than when I first started. Investing which was difficult in the past, now a habit, and it feels strange if I did not make my regular investment. Hopefully, in a not too distant future, I can live by from just spending 10% of my income. I know it sounds quite ambitious but nothing is impossible through hard work and prayer. They say to dream as high as the sky, even if you fall, you will fall amongst the stars. My dream is to become a full-time investor and hopefully, I will achieve this very soon, amen.



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