Moduit, Investment Application for Those Who Want More Money

Moduit Launching

March 22nd, 2019 is the date when Moduit application officially launched in Jakarta. In my opinion, I felt lucky to be one of the people who know this app early. Founded by Jeffry Lomanto, as an expert in investment, Moduit was created with the purpose of providing online investment on mutual fund.

To be honest, first I had doubt and thought about the app. With many online mutual fund investment application, also tight competition with bank and fund managers that are selling mutual fund directly, what kind of advantages does Moduit has? Turned out I was impressed by Moduit.

End-to-end Online Registration

When I was invited to their launching event, I felt no need to get another mutual fund investment application. I just installed it on the spot with the purpose if there is something wrong during the registration process. So, I started to download the app and signed up for a new account, turned out the process is very simple. After the registration process, I filled in the profile risk questions which is very general, and at the end of that process I got to know my profile risk.

Data Filling

The process above is to register a Moduit account. Very simple, right? If you have finished until the risk profile, now you have Moduit account, but you still cannot do any transaction because you need to verify your ID first. Like all mutual fund investment application, you need to prepare your ID card and take a selfie with it. If you see the picture below, there are yellow and green sign at the column bar. Yellow means you need to fulfill some information and green means it is already complete. You can start to invest after all of the rows turn into green.

Safety and Comfort

The most common question during that event are regarding the safety. Based on its system, Mr.Charles, the CTO of Moduit ensure everyone in the room that Moduit is safe. You need to take into account that Moduit doesn’t keep any money from investors and all of the system are connected with fund manager and KSEI as administrator of transaction, and also custodian bank.

Mr.Jeffry also added that the nature of Moduit’s business model makes Moduit not holding any money from investors, so systematically, it can be guaranteed that the investor’s money are safe.

If there is an investor who wants to buy mutual fund through Moduit, that investor will transfer his/her money to custodian bank account of that particular mutual fund, so you don’t need to have any doubt about your money being scammed.

Easy Financial Planning

When starting the application you will get to choose your financial goal, which are vacation, wedding, car, etc. If you want to have any other plan you can create it by your own. Through this application, we can choose the initial investment, expected return, and the expected value at the end of the period. The application will calculate your monthly investment. No need to think about the complicated formula or paying for financial advisor, all of them can be obtained through Moduit.

Choosing Mutual Funds Based on Performance

After choosing your financial goal, Moduit will give recommendation to allocate your investment portfolio. So, the recommendation by the app is not pointing certain products but more to the type of mutual fund which is suitable to achieve your financial goal. You don’t need to worry because Moduit provide you to access each product with their historical performance.

Daily Check on Smartphone

One of the most common problems of investing in mutual is checking their performance. Sometimes we might get confused about the performance of the mutual fund which we invested in. Through Moduit we can keep track of our investment portfolio, at the front page of their application we can see the growth of our portfolio at the graph.

Conclusion: Moduit, Easy to Use Online Mutual Fund Investment Application

So, do you want to use moduit? If it was me being asked, I will use it. Why? Because the way to use it is easy and simple. The most important factor here is the simplicity of their interface which is easy to be understood of. So, if your current application is complicated, just try to use Moduit.

You may still asking about how to buy Syariah Mutual Fund. Well, the answer is simple, you can do it by making an account in Moduit and you will be granted an access to purchase 10 of these Syariah Mutual Funds