To Turn Rich from Crisis: now or next crisis?

Hi Moduers,


It’s been two months since the majority of us undergo new normal, doing activities that are usually offline so it’s done online. Gentlemen, do you let your hair longish or bald because of the wrong cut? 😊 Ladies, can you still do facial treatments even though DIY 😊?


It turns out that in times of crisis like this there are many new things that we can do, right? Many of the transformations or changes that we made, e.g.: meetings are done online, using the available platforms. It’s not only us who changed, even vegetable vendors can now sell online using WA.


In dealing with crises, it depends on how we see and react. Like when we see a glass of half-filled water, do we want to see it as a half-filled glass or half-empty glass. In Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ consists of two characters, each of which means ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. Because of this double meaning, the word ‘crisis’ or called ‘wei ji’ is often used in the discussion of motivation in the Western world.


The crisis also has produced many new wealthy people, who managed to use the crisis as an opportunity. The famous Warren Buffet also managed to take advantage of the financial crisis in 2008 as an opportunity to increase his investment, and we already knew how it had worked. Moduers, you definitely want to be like them right? There are three stages that need to be passed in a crisis to turn them into opportunities:


1.Accept — Open your heart to accept this situation. Stop getting angry or stressed out about this situation. We can no longer do old activities and habits. Now there are new activities and habits to be done. If in the old days you could go back and forth for coffee at a cafe, now you have to accept the situation that you only can hang out in your own room.


2.Adapt — Adapt to these new activities and habits. E.g.: A vegetable handyman who usually goes around the cluster area and waits for the women to gather, now sells vegetables using WA: gets orders then deliver them to each customer. Moduers, you also need to create new routines for working from home, e.g.: creating a new work location in the dining room or buying a new modem so that the internet connection is better.


3. Adjust — Try to fine tune, on what can we do from this situation. With the reduced travel time to and from the office, we can allocate them to read books that we haven’t touched yet. The closure of the fitness center can be replaced by participating in the IG Live of health practitioners, etc.


In this new normal, what opportunities can be used to get rich?


1) Opportunities for new business or business expansion, try to do your hobby that has not been done so far. E.g.: a hobby of photography, cooking, sewing, which can be used as a business idea.


2) Opportunities to invest in equity funds, while stock prices are again heavily discounted.


3) Opportunities to re-establish relationships with old friends who did not get in contact because of busyness. Relationships are invisible and even priceless wealth.


Getting rich in times of crisis is not just about money, Moduers. We can also enrich ourselves by increasing our skills and knowledge. Many things we can learn from the online content available. Many online course and online books providers provide free access during this pandemic.


If Moduers wants to increase knowledge about investment, especially mutual funds, you can access this link:


Moduit Knowledge Center




So what about you Moduers, do want to be rich in the current crisis or anytime?


Stay Healthy & Stay Safe