Be Wealthy in Crisis – Now or Wait for The Next One? Your Choice, Moduers!

Hi Moduers,

Without us realizing, it has been almost 2 months where majority of all of us doing the New Normal, that is doing our regular activities through online. For guys, do you leave your hair long or you have tried Do It Yourself (DIY) method but failed due to wrong techniques? 😊 For girls, are you still doing your skincare routines DIY? 😊


Eventually during this time of crisis, there are new things we could do. Many transformations or changes that we have performed, for example executing meetings through online via meeting platforms that are available. The ones who have adapted to the situation are not only us. Even the vegetable sellers have now started selling their vegetables online through Whatsapp (WA). It is true that while facing crisis, it truly depends on the way we want to action upon it. Just like how we interpret a glass filled with only half water: do we want to look at it as ‘half empty’ or ‘half full’? In Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ consists of two characters with each defined as ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. Due to the double definition, the word ‘crisis’ or how it is called in Chinese as ‘wei ji’ is often used for discussion about motivation in Western countries.


Crisis has also resulted in new wealthy people. These people are those who have successfully seen crisis and taken advantage of the crisis situation into opportunity for themselves. Moduers must want to be like them, right? Let’s see what they have done to succeed:

  1. Accept – Open our heart to accept the situation. Perhaps we could no longer do our regular activities and old habit. However, now there are new habits and activities that could or must be done.
  2. Adapt – Adapting to the new habits and activities. For example, just like the above-mentioned vegetable seller case who normally sell their vegetables around the housing areas, waiting for people to gather around to purchase the fresh vegetables in person. Now they have to adapt to the new way of selling that it through WA: they could receive the order via chat and then send them to each customers.
  3. Adjust – Let’s try to fine tune, what are the things that could be maximized from this situation. Back to the case of vegetable seller, they could try adding the variety of their products, for example fruits and meat, not only vegetables.


    • Then, what are the opportunities that could be taken advantage of to become wealthy?
    • New business or expansion opportunities
    • Investment opportunities, while the stocks prices are on discounts


Becoming wealth during crisis is not always about money. We could also upgrade ourselves with more knowledge and perhaps learning new skills. In addition, in today’s world information could easily be accessed through online. There are many things that we could learn through contents available via online. If you want to upgrade your knowledge about investments, such as Mutual Funds, you could access the links below:


So, do you want to look at this situation as opportunity and make use of the chance to be wealthy during crisis? Or do you want to wait for another time, that might come any time we don’t know yet? Make up your mind, Moduers!


Stay Healthy and Stay Safe