Want to Invest? Invest with Moduit!

Hi Moduers,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As quoted by Lao Tzu, now is the time for you to take your action on the knowledge that you have learnt through the previous articles regarding investment! You must have understood many things about investment, however your experience will still be incomplete if you have not tried it yourself. So, let’s start!


‘I don’t know how to start’

In current era where everything has been made simpler with more advanced technology you could invest through your smartphone in the palm of your hand, using Moduit application of course. From the process of downloading the application, account registration until transaction could all be done only through your smartphone. How awesome that is!


You only need to follow below 3 simple and easy steps:

  1. Type ‘Moduit’ in App Store or Play Store and download the application

Just like how you download all other applications, you are definitely knowledgeable about this already. So, wait no more and download Moduit application on your smartphone now.

  1. Complete your biodata and risk profile questionnaire

Don’t forget to take a picture with your identity card and complete your biodata clearly so that your account verification process can be finished within 1 business day! You could check your Single Identification Number (SID) from the profile page after your registration has been successfully processed. Not to forget, complete the provided risk profile questionnaire. Don’t worry, there are not many questions for this and you could immediately know your risk profile. You have known how important it is to understand your risk profile, right? If you have forgotten about this, remind yourself by checking on this article!

  1. Choose your product and start investing

Through Moduit application, you could choose products easily as you could utilize the ‘filter product’ option. From there, you could filter the product based on your chosen criteria such as Mutual Fund type, Investment Manager, minimum purchase and other things as well.


It is very simple, right! Let’s try it yourself.


‘I don’t know the next step’

You have completed all above-mentioned 3 steps but you are confused on the next step, such as the amount to be invested? Don’t worry, Moduit has prepared feature that will help you plan your financials to reach your financial goal.


Moduit Navigator

Does the word ‘navigator’ remind you of the GPS you normally use when you try to find your ways while driving or exploring new spot while traveling? Yes, this available feature in Moduit application has the same usage that is to help you reach your financial goal.


Through Moduit Navigator, you could select your financial goals such as purchasing a house, car, education, going on a dream holiday or other goals. From there you could input the amount that you would like to invest to reach the total return that is needed to reach your identified financial goals. More interestingly, Moduit Navigator feature will provide you portfolio recommendation that is suitable for you based on your risk profile as well. So by using this feature, it will be easier for you to decide on your portfolio allocation and start choosing product in accordance to the recommended percentage allocation.



‘I am confused on which Mutual Fund product to choose as there are many options available’

Don’t get confused, Moduers! There are some things that need to be considered before choosing certain Mutual Fund product to invest, such as historical performance, sharpe ratio, standard deviation and also beta of the Mutual Fund product that could be found in the product page through Moduit application. You could learn about the tips to choose Mutual Fund product here. Besides, do you know that Moduit prioritize your investment safety experience? For this, Moduit has performed strict and careful selection process before onboarding Mutual Fund products to the application. The purpose of performing strict selection process is to offer the best product selection in the market for you so you could invest and reach your financial goal with Moduit application without any worry.


Therefore, wait no more and take your action 😊