Make Your Dreams Come True: Study Abroad

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Moduers, are there any of you who dream of studying abroad? If you are the one, then you have found the right article for Momin will give you some tips on making your dreams of studying abroad come true, only for you. So, let’s read right away!


1st tip: Set Your Goals with The Dreams Pyramid

Among the many educational options in this world, you can determine your choices and goals with the help of the Dreams Pyramid.


Dreams Pyramid


Starting from the most specific and important is the goals that you want to achieve by studying abroad. For instance, you want to be an astronomer who researches the origin and evolution of early life on Earth. Afterward, you search for the major and faculty that provide education and support your main goals to become an astronomer. After looking for it, you find out the major that supports your goals is Astrobiology at the University of Washington and the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. Furthermore, you can choose which university you want to enroll in.


2nd tip: Tuition Fees – Self Financing or Get a Scholarship?

The next step to making your dream of studying abroad comes true is deciding how to pay your tuition fees? Do you prefer to finance yourself or to get a scholarship? If you wish to finance your own tuition fees, then you should prepare more. However, if you are interested in scholarship programs, you can find more information from these institutions below:

  1. Sampoerna Foundation
  2. Ministry of Education and Culture Excellence Scholarships (Beasiswa Unggulan Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan), and
  3. Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan)


3rd tip: Plan and Prepare in Advance

Wherever you study, with a scholarship or not, you still have to plan and prepare many things such as documents, necessities, and foreign currency in advance. In preparing your education fund, you can choose among the various kinds of investment instruments, such as mutual funds that are easily accessible, affordable, and professionally managed by experts. Also, to make your dreams come true, Moduit presents the Moduit Navigator feature, which will help you in a plan to achieve your education fund and your other dreams such as vacation, buying a car, house, and you can even customize your dream and your plan as you wish. And don’t worry, you also can access the feature whenever and wherever you are. So practical, right?


Moduit Navigator


So, that is all the 3 tips you can do to make your dreams come true, Moduers. Don’t forget to execute and share it with all of your friends who need it.


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