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If you apply Sharia Principle in daily life, investing in Sharia Mutual Fund would be a good place to start. Aside from getting return, like conventional mutual fund, it also following the norm of Sharia, so all of the processes fulfill halal requirements.

If you’re interested in Sharia Mutual Fund and willing to know more, here are few facts about Sharia Mutual Fund:

  1. Cleansing Facility
    This process provides periodical cleaning on Sharia Mutual fund which accidentally receive any form of income that violate the norm of Sharia. For example: interest from fund deposited at the Custodian Bank will be collected and donated to charity activities.
  2. Authorized by Sharia Supervisory Board
    Sharia Supervisory Board is an independent institution that overseeing compliance within Sharia principle in mutual funds, namely bonds and equity which included in List of Sharia Equity and cleansing process. List of Sharia Equity contains bond and equity following with the principle of Sharia. It is issued semi-annually by Financial Services Authority and Indonesia Stock Exchange.
  3. Relatively lower in risk
    Sharia Mutual Fund contain lower risk compared to the conventional mutual fund because it focuses more on the sector that has less risk of default such as property, infrastructure, commodity, manufacture, and trade services. It also avoiding company with high debt ratio.
  4. Huge Potential
    Based on the data by Financial Services Authority, Sharia Mutual Fund shows more than triple growth in the last 4 years. In January 2019, Assets Under Management (AUM) by Sharia Mutual Fund recorded as high as IDR 37 trillion, having 200% of increased compared to 2015 which only has IDR 11 trillion. Other than that, the amount of Sharia product is also increase significantly from 93 products in 2015 to 256 products in 2019.

Source: OJK – Statistik Reksa Dana Syariah 2019

Now you may wonder how to invest in Sharia Mutual Fund? No need to wander, if you already have an account in Moduit you can easily choose from 10 Sharia Mutual Funds below.

Fund TypeProduct Name
Money MarketManulife Dana Kas Sharia
Money MarketPinnacle Sharia Money Market Fund
Fixed IncomeMajoris Sukuk Negara Indonesia
Fixed IncomeManulife Sharia Sukuk Indonesia
BalancedTrim Sharia Berimbang
EquityBatavia Dana Saham Sharia
EquityCipta Sharia Equity
EquityDanareksa Indeks Sharia
EquityManulife Sharia Sektoral Amanah
EquityTRIM Sharia Saham

PS: Sharia Mutual Fund is available for everyone, not only for Moslems. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start investing now!!

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