New Year’s Cashback Up To IDR 1 Mio

Hi Moduers,

So that your saving resolution this year can be realized, Moduit will also give a special promo of up to IDR 1,000,000 for those of you who have never made a transaction or have no balance in Moduit!

How is how you get the cashback:

  • Purchase Mutual Fund products through the Moduit Application or Website in 1 transaction with a minimum nominal value of IDR 20.000.000,-
  • Cashback is 0.5% of the Transaction Amount. With a maximum cashback of IDR 1.000.000,-
  • The mutual fund balance must be maintained until April 30, 2022.
  • Purchase period 12-20 January 2022.
  • Only valid for users who have never transacted before or clients who do not have a balance in Moduit since December 31, 2021.
  • Promo is valid for the first 20 clients, who have met all the terms and conditions.
  • Only valid 1x cashback per client and does not apply to multiples.
  • Cashback will be given after the holding period is over.
  • This promo does not apply to Moduit employees.
  • Moduit has the right to cancel the cashback reward if the client violates the terms and conditions of the promo.
  • All decisions regarding the program & cashback giving are absolute and cannot be contested by Moduit.


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Building a Mutual Fund Portfolio

For those of you who are accustomed to investing, especially mutual fund investments. You definitely want to build a good mutual fund portfolio to support your investment progress. The problem is, you are probably still confused about where to start.


Mutual Fund Portfolio

A mutual fund portfolio is a collection of several types of mutual funds used in investment activities. There are several types of mutual funds, such as equity mutual funds, money market mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds, and mixed mutual funds. In investing, you can choose from several types of mutual funds.

A collection of several types of mutual funds that are selected at once in one investment is called a mutual fund portfolio. By building a mutual fund portfolio, you don’t have to worry if one of your mutual fund types is experiencing a decline. Curry

With this, you can optimize other types of mutual funds to boost these types of mutual funds.

In creating or building a mutual fund portfolio, you should focus on only a few types of mutual funds that suit your needs and goals. If you choose too many types of mutual funds that do not suit your needs, it will make it difficult for you in the administration and management process.

If you choose many types of mutual funds in your mutual fund portfolio, then things can continue to weigh on your mind and in the end, you will not focus on advancing the mutual fund portfolio that you will build. This point is very important you pay attention to so that the portfolio that you will build goes well.


How to Build a Mutual Fund Portfolio


Mutual Fund Portfolio Strategy

One of the right strategies to build a mutual fund portfolio is a diversification strategy. This diversification strategy is a strategy in mutual fund investment where you can choose two types of mutual funds at once in one investment, for example, you choose money market mutual funds and stock mutual funds in one investment.

In taking the type of mutual fund as part of the mutual fund portfolio, it is best if there are no more than five types of mutual funds. Because if there are more than five types of mutual funds, it is feared that it will make it difficult for you in the administrative process of recording later. It’s best if you take the right type of mutual fund to meet your investment needs.

If you have set your strategy exactly as you expected, then it will be easier for you in the process of building a mutual fund portfolio. Strategy is very important because it can help you in drafting the concept and determining the method according to your expected goals in building a good mutual fund portfolio.


Adjust Your Portfolio to Your Financial Goals

The next way to build a mutual fund portfolio is to adjust it to your financial goals. You must first have a goal regarding finances for your future. You have to build a portfolio of mutual funds that are good and in accordance with your financial goals so that they can match your expectations.

For example, if you invest in mutual funds for the purpose of preparing funds to meet your retirement needs, then you must choose a mutual fund portfolio that suits your goals. Do not let you choose the wrong type of mutual fund that is not in accordance with your financial goals so that you do not take the wrong steps in building a good mutual fund portfolio.

The illustration can be a good example or reference in determining a mutual fund portfolio that suits your financial goals. Do not let you be wrong in determining your financial goals in investing using mutual funds. If your mutual fund portfolio does not match your financial goals, then this can make your investment not optimal.


In the Moduit App, transaction data can be downloaded in Excel form in great detail. So that makes it easier for customers because there is no need to do the administration manually.


Conclusion :

You will have a better understanding of the mutual fund portfolio and how to build a good mutual fund portfolio, by having a strategy, adjusting it to your financial goals, and creating a detailed administration or recording system.

Building a portfolio is very important to prevent losses when one of the mutual funds declines. If you have other types of mutual funds, your loss rate will be covered by other types of mutual funds or it can be said that your other mutual funds can help increase your investment in these declining types of mutual funds.


Cashback IDR 1 Mio For You

Hi Moduers. Year-End is Coming, Get cashback up to 1 million rupiahs from Moduit.

How to get it? Simply do the transactions through the Moduit website or application.
At the end of the period, Moduers will get cashback of up to 1 million rupiahs.

Sounds Interesting? Check out the terms and conditions:

  • Purchase Mutual Fund products through the Moduit Application or Website in 1 transaction with a minimum value of IDR 20,000,000
  • Cashback is 0.5% of the Transaction Amount. With a maximum cashback of Rp. 1.000.000,-
  • 3 Months holding period
  • The purchase period is 17-31 December 2021.
  • Promo is valid for the first 20 customers, who have fulfilled all the terms and conditions.
  • Only valid 1x cashback per customer and does not apply to multiples.
  • Cashback will be given after the holding period is over.
  • This promo does not apply to Moduit employees.
  • Moduit has the right to cancel the cashback reward if the customer violates the terms and conditions of the promo.
  • All decisions regarding the program & cashback are absolute and cannot be contested by Moduit.

UIUX Designer


Are you passionate about building web applications with the latest technology? Bring your skills to mobile screens and work together with our development team to redefine how apps are built.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Work closely with Product Managers and Engineering team to build a product that solves users needs
  • Translate product’s vision and requirements into a clearly defined user journeys, end-to-end experiences and conceptual screen designs that includes but not limited to prototypes and wireframes
  • Generate ideas to improve and grow the product metrics from the product design perspective and give inputs to iterate the overall product strategy
  • Execute all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering
  • Continuously keep yourself and the design team updated on new design trends and changes in the industry standards by conducting industry research on best practices, competitor UI designs and emerging technologies.
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience and have launched minimum 1 product to live (personal or teamwork; please provide portfolio)
  • Good knowledge of design fundamentals such as design thinking framework and human-centered design in order to develop products
  • Excellent organizational skills, project management, collaborative teamwork with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Familiar with Figma, Adobe XD, and up-to-date knowledge of design softwares
  • Excellent communication skills and proficient in English

What’s it like working at PT Moduit Digital Indonesia?

Working in Moduit lands you the opportunity to develop new skills and be part of a young, dynamic team. Our culture encourages authenticity, fun yet result-oriented and open communication. If you are interested in shaping the future of finance and making things happen, let’s talk!

Please send your application to [email protected]

Product Manager


Are you passionate about building web applications with the latest technology? Bring your skills to mobile screens and work together with our development team to redefine how apps are built.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the Product Life Cycle, including defining the product vision, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, writing product requirement document, and working closely with multiple teams to ensure product objectives are met
  • Collaborate with the multiple teams (design, engineering, operation, legal, marketing, etc.) to come up with the solutions to mitigate complexities in execution for stakeholders & other teams (either legal, timeline, etc.)
  • Monitor product quality and ensure product is solving user journey (product quality beyond bugs/operation issue)
  • Monitor product implementation and ensure timely progress
  • Identify key metrics that inform the success of products and be responsible for the delivery of each metrics
  • Conduct market intelligence to maintain competitiveness and profitability of product offering
  • Address the product market dynamics & changing user behaviors
  • Minimum 5 years experience. Have previous product development background is preferred
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills and proficient in English
  • Able to communicate complex business or technical information effectively
  • Great stakeholder management skills to drive various growth projects
  • A quick learner to absorb new knowledge in the fast-changing and dynamic industry, demonstrated a track record of getting things done in fast-paced environment
  • A strong drive to make things happen, charisma, and ability to influence
  • Has experience working for fintech company is a plus

What’s it like working at PT Moduit Digital Indonesia?

Working in Moduit lands you the opportunity to develop new skills and be part of a young, dynamic team. Our culture encourages authenticity, fun yet result-oriented and open communication. If you are interested in shaping the future of finance and making things happen, let’s talk!

Please send your application to [email protected]


Hi, Moduers!

Moduers, lately there have been lots of investment fraud offers on behalf of famous people and even companies in the financial industry such as Moduit. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who become victims of these investment fraud offers. So, it would be best if you recognized the following characteristics of investment frauds so that you won’t become the next victim.

1. Investment frauds Offer Unreasonable Profits/Returns

Moduers, you should be suspicious when you get an investment offer that generates a very high and fixed profit or returns in a short time. Since basically, business investment (Yes, there is a business behind every investment) almost generates uncertain profits, unless the asset is in bonds or bank deposits which causes a reasonable amount of coupons or interest regularly.

The following table below is a guide of reasonable return of each investment instrument:


Investment Instruments

Net Annual Return


Bank Deposits



Money Market Fund



Fixed Income Fund



Balanced Fund



Equity Fund/Index Fund






Government Bonds



P2P Lending






Foreign Exchange


Source: Bloomberg, Investing, Kemenkeu, Kontan, and other relevant sources.

The data for each investment instruments’ return may change over time and market conditions.

2. Free or Minimal Risk

Besides offering fast and fantastic returns, investment frauds also usually claim that the investments have minimal or even risk-free. The primary character of every investment is a high risk, high return. If you want to get 20% of the return, you must be ready for a 20% loss. (Even though it’s still floating, which means the investment won’t realize the profit or loss until you sell or redeem.)

3. Using Well-Known Public Figure or Company’s Name

When offering investment frauds, fraudsters often use well-known public figures or large companies’ name to gain potential victims’ trust. They also claim that the investments they offer have been registered and supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority) by showing fake licenses. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find out more and be critical of every investment offer you receive. You can also visit OJK’s official website or Bappebti’s for checking the list of official investment products.

4. Request Transactions Outside the Official Application

Currently, many investment applications (such as Mutual Fund investment, P2P lending, stocks, etc.) are available to make it easier for users to invest. A good and valid investment application must be registered and supervised by OJK and have received permission from the Indonesian Republic Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo). So, it would be best if you refused to do investment transactions outside the company’s official application or website, Moduers.

5. Unofficial Destination Bank Account

Moduers, you need to be careful when you are asked to transfer to the bank account number that doesn’t match the company’s name or the public figure. When you invest in Moduit, and you want to pay, please make sure that the name of the destination bank account starts with Reksa Dana. For instance, you want to invest pays for the Principal Philanthropy Social Impact Bond Fund. The name of the destination bank account is Reksa Dana Principal Philanthropy Social Impact Bond Fund.

Then, how to avoid investment fraud?

1. Mindset: Investing is Not a Way to Get Rich Instantly

If your investment goal is to get rich instantly, then you should build the right mindset and goals first, Moduers. Since from the characteristics of investment frauds above, which offer high profits immediately and without risk, we can realize that their targets are greedy people who want to get rich instantly.

2. Find as Much Information as Possible Before You Invest

Find as much information as possible before you invest, starting from:

a. The company profile;

b. Its business license;

c. The people behind the company;

d. The types of investment offered and how does it work;

e. Investment risks and return, until;

e. Its official social media and testimonials from people who have invested there.

For investments in the capital market such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, make sure the company is registered and supervised by OJK. In comparison, investment companies in commodities such as gold must obtain a permit from Bappebti (Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency).

People who work in the capital market or the commodity market, in general, must have a special license or permit to carry out their profession. For example, an expert from the fund management team must have obtained a license as a WMI (Representative of an Investment Manager) from OJK to manage assets in the mutual fund.

3. Always Be Critical to Information and Offers You Received

The ease of disseminating and receiving information makes us have to be more careful in digesting information before making decisions. So, every time you receive information or investment offer, make sure you find out the truth first and always remember the 2 L principle (Legal & Logic), Moduers!

You can also report to Satgas Waspada Investasi (Investment Alert Unit) from the OJK if you find a fraudulent investment through [email protected]  or call 157 (OJK’s customer service). 

Happy investing, Moduers!

Salam Moduit!


Mr Market is Full of Uncertainty, What Should I Do?

Hi, Moduers!

As an investor, don’t you face the uncertainty of the capital market the same way you meet your crush’s feelings? It just likes “Today, I want to invest while the stock price is going up”, but after you had bought it, the price went down. Then, its price went up again the following day and dipped down in the afternoon. The following day it plummeted, and the next day it climbed up again. Finally, “Ugh, what should I do?”

If you feel that way, let’s learn how to deal with the uncertainty of Mr Market, also known as the capital market, from this article.

The capital market is like a stock market, and it is a place where the transaction takes place. The difference is, in the capital market, securities such as stocks and bonds are traded. Stakes are sold by companies that require capital and purchased by investors, parties who own the wealth. The company first sold securities (stocks) to the public during an IPO (Initial Public Offering). At the time of IPO, the stock price will be determined by the securities company contacted by its company (underwriter). After the IPO process occurs, the price will depend on the demand and supply of stocks in the capital market, so there is a cycle like this in the capital market.

Wall Street Cheat Sheet

If the stocks’ demand increases while the number of stocks offered remains or even decreases, then the stocks’ price will also increase—Vice versa.

In the Psychology of a Market Cycle chart above, you can see that the lowest price of stocks is when investors initially do not believe the stock price will increase (disbelief). However, then investors begin to have hope (hope), be optimistic (optimism), believe (belief), and even start to invite other investors to buy the stocks (thrill) when the stock price was getting higher. Until the stock price reaches its highest peak, people believe that the stock price will still be getting higher (euphoria). The stock price will continue to decline until it reaches the depression point because many investors and other institutions sell their stocks when the price is still above the depression point.

If you notice it, the Psychology of a Market Cycle graph is strongly influenced by the mastery of emotions (psychology) and investors’ attitude. When the stock price is at its highest point, investors flock to buy the stock, and conversely, no one dares to buy the stock when the price is still at its lowest point. Likewise, when the stock price is at its lowest point (disbelief), most investors are afraid to invest, while when the stock price reaches the highest point, they will become greedy and no longer care about the risks.

This is very much in line with the following 2 points below that affect the demand and supply of stocks in the market cycle, which are:

1. Company’s fundamental relating to changes in company profits and debt cycles.

2. Mastery of emotions and attitudes (psychology) of investors towards risks in the capital market.

The mastery of investors’ emotions and attitudes plays the most prominent role in investing success.


So, how do we know if the stock price is still too low or too high in the stock market?

1. Find out whether the market valuation exceeds what has happened in the past.

If there is no difference between the past and present market valuations, then the stock price is likely to be appropriate.

2. Pay attention to the attitude of the majority of investors in the capital market. Are they too pessimistic or too optimistic and full of euphoria? (Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.-Warren Buffet).

When you believe that the capital market cycle is at a low point, you might consider forming a more aggressive portfolio by:

1. Invest more capital.

2. Invest in second-line stocks.

3. Invest in stocks that benefit from good macroeconomic momentum or conditions.

Conversely, if the market cycle is at a high point, it’s a good idea to form a defensive portfolio by:

1. Hold more cash.

2. Invest in lower-risk instruments.

3. Invest in strong fundamental and not cyclical stocks.

You can apply these tips and methods above when you manage your investment portfolio. However, for those who still need help & learn managing your portfolio, you can start investing in equity mutual fund or stock index fund while learning.


Salam Moduit.



The Importance of Psychology in Investing

Hi, Moduers!

Have you already read many investing books, enrolled in Mutual Funds seminar frequently, already bought investment product based on influencer’s recommendation, but you still wondering how come your investment portfolio is still not growing? You are curious, aren’t you? So, let’s try to find out the reason in this article.

The Big Role of Psychology in Investing

Moduers, when investing, we are not only talking about strategy but also need to learn investing psychology. According to Dr. Van K. Tharp, a professional psychologist and trader coach, to be successful in investing requires 60% emotional mastery (psychology), 30% money management, and 10% trading strategy. So it means human psychology plays a big role in successful investing.

Successful Investment


Human’s Emotional Brain and Perceptions

Basically, in the human’s brain, there is a part called the limbic system or “emotional brain,” which often forms the following perceptions:

1. Believing in something that many people believe.

2. Making decisions based on minimal data and family or friends’ recommendations.

3. Delaying your investment decisions because you think every little additional information can make your investment decisions better (information bias).

4. Delaying on taking profits and refuse to cut losses until your losses become even greater.

5. Avoiding losses and seeking profit.

Whether you realize it or not, those perceptions result from fear (of loss) and greed (money).

For example, since you want to get rich quickly (greed), you entrust your money to a financial institution that many people also trust to generate high investment returns in a short time and without risks. Besides that, you also do not inquire for further information about the financial institution because your friends or family also recommended it. So unintentionally, you have entrusted your money to a fraudulent, illegal institution. So instead of getting profits, you end up losing your money because of your greed and ignorance.

Losses in investing can also occur when you are (excessively) afraid of failures. For example, it can be the loss of opportunities to generate profits since you are so scared to start your investment or the loss caused by delaying your cut loss decision before it becomes a bigger loss.

For instance, you invested your wedding fund for the next ten years in stocks. As time goes by and as you learn more, you realize that the stock you invest in has not performed well (while the others are doing fine), so your investment value continues to decrease. Knowing that fact, instead of redeeming or switch your investment to another product or stock quickly, you choose to keep it with the hope the investment value will increase, which is unlikely to happen.


Investing Psychological Tips

Perceptions of psychological biases caused by the human’s emotional brain are normal, so you don’t need to be afraid to face them. However, you need to be aware that perceptions of psychological biases exist and can be controlled to make rational investment decisions. How?

1. Understand that investing is not a way to get rich instantly, so there is no need to be greedy.

2. Recognize that investing is not that dangerous as long as you know the investment instrument and its risks. 

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. – Warren Buffet

3. Learn and always question every piece of information or recommendations you receive from anywhere.

4. When you want to make a decision, make sure you are not overwhelmed by emotions, whether happiness, sadness, anger, etc. Keep in mind to always make decisions based on facts and data using your logic.

Moduers, as long as you invest, have you ever experienced a psychological bias in investing?

Salam Moduit!


All About US Dollar Mutual Funds

Hi, Moduers!

Don’t you know that you have the opportunity to invest in Mutual Funds with foreign currencies other than the Indonesian Rupiah? Curious, aren’t you? So, come on, let’s find out more in this article!

Moduers, we may be familiar with various types of Mutual Funds, such as money market funds, fixed-income funds, equity funds, and balanced funds. On top of that, Mutual Funds are also classified based on the type of its currency. Based on OJK’s (Financial Services Authority) regulations, the currencies allowed in Mutual Funds are Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), US Dollar (USD) and Euro. But, people are commonly investing in IDR and USD Mutual Funds.

The investment policy for IDR and USD Mutual Funds are the same. Both have to comply with the Mutual Funds Regulations in Collective Investment Contracts (KIK).

Below are some Differences between Investing in USD and IDR Mutual Funds

1. Variation of Investment Instruments

USD Mutual Funds use US Dollars which are recognised as worldwide currency so that Fund Managers can buy securities (stocks or bonds) from other countries. However, a maximum of 15% of the Mutual Fund’s total asset under management is allowed to be invested in foreign securities according to the OJK’s regulations. It is different from the Global Sharia Mutual Funds, which can support a minimum of 50% of the Mutual Fund’s total asset management in foreign securities.

2. Mutual Fund Net Asset Value (NAV)

In IDR Mutual Funds, the NAV started from IDR 1,000, while USD Mutual Funds started from $ 1. In addition, if the NAV of IDR Mutual Funds consists of 2 to 4 decimal places, the NAV of USD Mutual Funds use four decimal places.

Investing in USD Mutual Funds’ Risks

1. Currency Exchange Rate Risk

Although the Funds use USD as their currency, the investment portfolios can also be allocated to other investment instruments using other currencies. According to the prospectus, there is an exchange rate risk that can affect the performance of the Mutual Funds.

2. Transfer Fees

Moduers, when you invest in Mutual Funds and your bank account is different from the Custodian Bank account, you will get charged a transfer fee, won’t you?

Well, it also applies when you invest in USD Mutual Funds. There also will be some additional fees, such as commission fees for the sending bank, same-day fees (to ensure the money is received on the same day), correspondent bank fees, and total amount fees, so you can receive your money as much as written. But, you don’t need to worry, Moduers! Since in Moduit, the process of investing in USD Mutual Funds uses a local bank, namely BCA, as the escrow account when you subscribe and redeem your Mutual Funds, so you can minimise the costs.

The Advantages of Investing in US Dollar Mutual Funds

1. Diversify Your Portfolio

Moduers, in investing your money, there will be risks that You cannot avoid (systematic risk), and one of the systematic risks is country risk. This risk exists when a country is experiencing political conditions changes, presidential elections, and even wars that can give sentiment to the capital market. Although You cannot avoid this risk, you still can minimise it by diversifying your investment portfolio into foreign currency (USD) mutual funds.

2. Suitable for Achieving Your Financial Goals Abroad

If you plan to enrol for study or living abroad, you can consider investing in USD Mutual Funds to reduce the risk of foreign currencies changes in the future.

How was it, Moduers? Are you interested in investing in USD Mutual Funds? If you are, I hope this article is helpful for you!

Salam Moduit!


Some Sharia Mutual Fund Facts You Need To Know

Hi, Moduers!

In investing, we will face various investment instrument choices and, on top of that, the options of product type such as conventional or sharia investment products.


A mutual fund is an investment instrument that contains a pool of investors’ capital. The fund manager managed this pool of capital and allocated it to several assets such as stocks, bonds, and money market instruments. Both Conventional and Sharia Mutual Funds belong to that definition, but there are also differences between them. What are they? Let’s check it out!

  1. Supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority)  and DPS (Sharia Supervisory Board)

Moduers, you know that to invest safely, you need to ensure that the mutual fund has been registered and supervised by the OJK. In Sharia Mutual Funds, mutual funds are not only supervised by the OJK but also by DPS.

The Sharia Supervisory Board is authorized to ensure mutual fund management is under sharia principles, such as excluding investing in cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, or conventional banks, and ensuring that Investor can only allocate investment funds to companies with a maximum debt total assets ratio of 45%. The Sharia Supervisory Board must report the results of sharia supervision at least every 6 (six) months to the Board of Directors and Commissioners of the Investment Manager, DSN-MUI (the National Sharia Board formed by the Indonesian Ulema Council), and regulators. The Sharia Supervisory Board will also recommend the distribution of the cleansing results to the Fund Manager.


  1. Managed by a Sharia Fund Manager or a Special Unit

Based on POJK No.61 of 2016, which regulates the formation of a Sharia Investment Manager, OJK obliges that Sharia Mutual Funds be managed by a Sharia Fund Manager or a particular unit called UPIS (Sharia Investment Management Unit). As of April 2021, there are 1 Sharia Fund Manager and 61 Fund Managers with UPIS, registered and supervised by OJK.


  1. There is a Cleansing Process for Sharia Mutual Funds’ Income

In Sharia Mutual Funds, all income must be under sharia principles. If there is a non-halal income in its management, which cannot be avoided, it must be cleansed. The cleansing process is to ensure that Sharia Mutual Funds have no income that does not comply with the sharia principles or things that can interfere with the halal status of the money earned during the investment process. Commonly, the funds from the cleansing process will be donated to charities.

One example of non-halal income is the interests earned on funds deposited in a Custodian Bank account, which is generally an account at a commercial bank. When investors put their money to invest in mutual funds, some of these funds are immediately withdrawn and transferred to the main account. Some are allowed to settle for some time so that the bank will provide interest. Even though the amount is small, the interest income must be recorded separately because it cannot be recognized as income and will subsequently be donated. This process is then called cleansing.

Another situation that causes funds to be cleansed is a corporate action, namely the issuance of debt. For example, if a company whose business units and financial ratios comply with sharia principles makes a loan to the bank. As a result of this action, the debt ratio changed to more than 45 percent, so the company was then excluded from DES (Sharia Securities List by OJK and IDX. After the new DES issuance, it turned out that the Fund Manager has not been able to sell all those shares within ten working days, and the price of the shares has increased. The gain from these price increases can not be recognized as a Sharia Mutual Fund income and must be listed separately for donation. However, if the sale of shares is carried out within ten working days, the increase in share price can be calculated into NAV (Net Asset Value)


  1. Additional Benefits and Social Impacts of Sharia Mutual Funds

The previous point covered the explanation about the cleansing process from non-halal income. The results of this income cleaning will not go directly to the owner of the capital but will be directed at charitable things in nature. The existence of this process shows that Sharia Mutual Funds are not only concerned with the maximum profit but also have a positive impact on society.


  1. Fund Managers May Only Invest in Securities Registered in DES

Fund Managers may only invest in Securities listed in DES (List of Sharia Securities) issued by OJK 2 (two) times.



1.SupervisorFinancial Services Authority (OJK)Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS)
2.Fund managerConventional fund managerSharia Fund Manager or Sharia Investment Management Unit (UPIS)
3.Mutual fund income cleansing processNoneExists
4.Mutual fund profitNot donated, except philanthropic mutual fund products or otherwise stated.Non-halal profit (such as bank interest income) is donated on the recommendation of the Sharia Supervisory Board.
5.Invested companyAny company as long as it is still following OJK’s rules and regulations.A company listed on Sharia Securities List (DES)
6.RiskThere is a risk of loss if fund managers invest in many companies whose total debts are greater than assets.There are relatively fewer risks because it only invests in companies whose total debt is smaller than assets.


That’s all the facts about Sharia Mutual Funds that you should know, Moduers! You don’t want to miss the opportunity to invest and do charity simultaneously, do you? By investing in sharia mutual funds, you don’t only generate profit but also creating a field of reward for charities distributed. Are you interested in investing in sharia mutual funds, Moduers? Come on, visit or download the Moduit application on the Play Store or App Store now!


Salam Moduit!



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