Moduit Account Registration

How to register

  1. Prepare your ID card, Tax ID Number and your bank account information.
  2. Prepare files of your ID card and selfie picture of you holding your ID card.
  3. Go to https://www.moduit.id and press “Register”.
  4. Fill all the data fields and follow the instruction provided.

Account verification

The verification process regarding your data will be done by Moduit Team. You
can start the Mutual Fund transaction after you have received verification email
which contains SID (Single Investor Identification) and IFUA (Investor Fund Unit
Account) information. SID is a proof that you had registered as an investor in
the capital market. IFUA is the sub-saving account for mutual funds given to the


To maintain the safety of your account, make sure that your password is not
easy to be predicted and consists of minimum 6 characters which contain minimum
1 number and 1 capital letter.

Change password

  1. Sign in to your Moduit account.
  2. Press your name in the top right corner.
  3. Choose ‘Change Password’.
  4. Input your current password and the new password.

Forgot password

  1. Press ‘Forgot Password’ in reksa.moduit.id homepage.
  2. Input your registered email.
  3. The verification account will be sent to your email.
  4. Input the verification code and the new password.

Update Profile

Personal Information

Press your name in the top right corner of the website and choose ‘My
Profile’. Then, choose ‘Edit My Profile’. Choose ‘Personal Data’. You can update
your data and go to ‘Statement’ section to complete your update. Contact Moduit
CS in 021-50202900 for updating some specific data.

Risk Profile

Every year, you are required to perform update on your risk profile
questionnaire. Press your name in the top right corner of the website and choose
‘My Profile’. Then, choose ‘Edit My Profile’. Choose ‘Risk Profiles
Questionnaire’ and update your questionnaire answer to get your latest risk

Correspondence Address

Make sure that your correspondence address is updated in order to get
transaction information and the report given by the Custodian Bank. Choose
‘Employment & Financial Data’ and update your correspondence address. Go to
‘Statement’ section to complete your update. The update request to the Custodian
Bank will take 2 bourse days.

Account Problem

Account blocked

For safety reasons, our system will block the account which user have inputed
wrong password for 5 times. Contact Moduit CS for other blocking reasons.

Account misused by other parties

Make sure the secrecy of your email address and password. Don’t share that
information to anyone. Moduit will never asked for personal data such as email
address and your password for any reason. If you suspect any abuse of your
account, contact Moduit CS immediately.

Notification problem

Account Safety

Moduit system has been equipped with several protection for virus, malware,
phising, and other interruption. You need to protect the secrecy of your
personal data and are suggested to create a password which contains number and
capital letter. We also suggest you to avoid accessing your account using public
tools which can be accessed by other people.

Product Comparisson

Choose 2-3 mutual funds products and press ‘Compare’

Subscription payment

The payment can be done through bank transfer. The destination account number
will be given at Payment Page.

Transaction confirmation

Sign in to your Moduit account and choose ‘Transaction’. In ‘Pending’
section, you will find your transaction. Choose the purchased product that you
want to confirm and press ‘Confirm’. The transfer proof can be uploaded in .jpg,
.png, .pdf file with maximum file size of 3 MB.

Duration to complete the transaction

The transaction process will be done based on the cut off time (at 13.00 WIB
every bourse day) given that all the transaction requirements have been
fulfilled. If the transactions successful, balance addition/reduction will be
shown on your portfolio at the next bourse day. As for the redemption
transaction, the money will be transferred yo your registerd bank account within
7 (seven) bourse days from the transaction date.


Transaction fees are applied according to product’s prospectus. There are 3
kind of transaction fees:

  1. Subscription Fee: the fee that is charged in purchase (subscribe) on mutual
  2. Redemption Fee: the fee that is charged in sales (redeem) on mutual funds.
  3. Switching Fee: the fee that is charged when you switch from one mutual fund
    to the other mutual fund which is managed by the same fund manager.

There is an interbank transfer fee in the subscription or redemption
transaction when your bank is different from the bank of the Mutual Fund.


A. Subscription Transaction
Before confirming subscription transaction,
you can cancel the order by going to ‘Pending Transaction’ tab then click
‘cancel’ until the order is deleted from that tab.

B. Redemption/Switching Transaction
Before cut off time (13.00 WIB), you
can cancel the redemption/switching order by going to ‘Pending Transaction’ tab
then click ‘cancel’ until the order is deleted from that tab.

Transaction Proof

After you’ve completed the transaction, you can check the transaction history
in your dashboard. You will also receive transaction confirmation letter from
the Custodian Bank, which shows the detaile information regarding the Mutual
Fund transaction, within 7 bourse days from the transaction date.

Ownership Proof

Your Mutual Fund Portfolio shows the Mutual Fund product that you have.
Custodian Bank will send monthly report as an official proof of the Mutual Fund
ownership in maximum 12 bourse days of the next month.

Aggressive Investor

Type of investor of which has higher tolerance towards risk. This investor is
prepared to face market fluctuations and to allocate majority of his investment
in risky assets. A suitable portfolio for this client typically comprises of
stocks, equity fund and foreign exchange

Balanced Fund

Mutual Funds
with the composition of debt securities, stock securities, and/or domestic
A1:D33 market instruments with each do not exceed 79% Net Asset Value. The
portfolio must contain stock effects and debt securities.

Bourse Day

The day when securities trading on the Indonesia Stock Exchange takes place
and conducts its activities.

Collective Investment Contract (CIC)

A contract between the
Investment Manager
and the
Custodian Bank
regarding the launch of
Mutual Funds
in accordance with the prevailing law.

Conservative Investor

This type of investor generally shies away from risk and volatility. This
investor prefers safe investment products with a fixed investment return. A
suitable portfolio for this client typically comprises of savings account, term
deposit, and money market mutual fund. If this type of investor ever considered
owning a riskier asset class such as stocks or bonds, he would only allocate a
small portion of his investment into these assets.

Custodian Bank

Bank with license from
to carry out the administration, transaction settlement, and deposit location
Mutual Fund

Equity Fund

Mutual Funds
with a composition of at least 80% of
Net Asset Value
in the form of equity.

Fixed Income Fund

Mutual Funds
with a composition of at least 80% of
Net Asset Value
in the form of debt securities.

Fund Fact Sheet

Summary of a Fund’s key facts to be used for evaluating the suitability of
the fund to achieve the investment objectives.

Historical Return

Progress of
Net Asset Value
in a certain period of time.

Investment Manager

The party that manages
Mutual Funds
Portfolio, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The list of
Investment Managers who have collaborated with Moduit can be found at

Investor Fund Unit Account (IFUA)

A designated sub-account for
Mutual Funds
investments in a Selling Agent.

Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI)

Moderate Investor

This type of investor typically understands the concept of market fluctuation
and accepts a higher risk. This investor would still consider investing in
riskier assets, yet he would limit the allocation. Investment products that are
suitable for this investor are bonds, fixed income mutual fund and balanced

Money Market Fund

Mutual Funds
with the composition of domestic money market instruments and/or debt securities

  • – issued with a period of up to 1 year and/or
  • – the remaining maturity up to 1 year.

Mutual Fund

Investment tool used to collect funds from investors to be invested in
Securities Portfolio by the
Investment Manager.

Mutual Fund Selling Agent

The party that sells u. Moduit is one of the Selling Agents with license from
under the number KEP-16/PM.21/2018.

Net Asset Value (NAV)

The value of the
Mutual Funds
portfolio after deducted with Fund management costs.

Participation Unit

A unit of measure that shows the part that an Investor has in a collective
investment portfolio.

Participation Unit Confirmation Letter

Written confirmation issued by the
Custodian Bank
relating to ownership of the Investor
Participation Unit.


A legal document that provides detail about a
Mutual Funds
– covering investment objectives, strategies, risk, related costs, etc.

Redemption Fee

Fee charged to investors for redemption transaction.

Redemption Transaction

Transaction in which the Investor resells the Participation Unit for one and
/ or some of the
Mutual Funds
(s)he has to the respective Investment Manager.

Sharpe Ratio

The performance indicator of a
Mutual Funds, based on a comparison between yields and risks.

Single Investor Identification (SID)

Single number of identity of Indonesian capital market investors issued by

Standard Deviation

The performance measure of a
Mutual Funds
that shows the historical level of volatility of a Mutual Fund. The higher will
create greater probability of deviation of the yield value of the product from
its past performance.

Subscription Fee

Fee charged to investors for subscription transaction.

Subscription Transaction

Transactions in which investors make purchases of Participation Units on one
and/or several
Mutual Funds
by entering a certain amount of money.

Switching Fee

Fee charged to investors for switching transaction.

Switching Transaction

Transaction in which investors transfer the
Mutual Funds
Participation Unit between
Mutual Funds
managed by the same Investment Manager.

Transaction Fee

Fee charged to investors for subscription, redemption. Or switching
transactions. The range of fee percentage can be seen in the
Fund Fact Sheet.

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