Moduers Story – Money Game

I started investing in mutual funds not after I did some research from Google, or after I did my visit to the bank. In fact, I started investing because I fell into the money game. Yes, that’s right, money game! It wasn’t intentional, since I didn’t know a thing about money game prior to that, I only did because I want to help someone (let’s call it A) who was a member of that investment business. He showed me some of the evidence that the company actually delivered their goods. It looked legit. There were documents, they have an office, and so I believed him. Back then I didn’t know much about investing.


I felt that the company is doing okay and the profits they showed interest me. So I thought nothing wrong with me helping A. I got nothing to lose. So I started promoting even though I didn’t actually get any reward. This was when I started to help promote the company to my friends.


Some time had passed when someone who received that promotion, gave me a warning about the money game. At first I was also confused about it. He then explained about money game and then eventually became my mentor at that time. He advised me to quit from it.


Apart from that, he also taught me all about compounding interest, which was the first time I have heard about it. With his calculator, he showed him how to calculate compounding interest using Excel and the results were amazing. It seemed like it was impossible, how come the 1 million that we put in could turn into tens of millions or even hundreds of millions with a certain time frame (which is quite long, so patience is needed). It was so different compared to this money game. The results were also different, which took quite some time to take place. At first, it looks insignificant but over time it was like a snowball effect, and you can really see big results.


After that, he advised me to invest in paper assets, namely mutual funds. Long story short, after given this warning, I, who was confident beforehand, became restless and uneasy. I did some research to the point where I had planned to stop and warned my friend, A, as well. But A ignored my warning and remained on the business. I got curious and start putting money into other similar companies, even though I knew I would lose it all,  just for the sake of testing and finding out the truth about the information I had read and heard. And, as you guessed, the company was a flop. It disappeared from the face of the earth and with it, my money. I finally made up my mind to stop. I was relieved because I felt that I made the right decision, but also felt terrible for all my friends who experience losses from the business (since I was the one who unintentionally introduced them to it).


Moduers, if you don’t know what money game is, Google it. Don’t make the same mistake that I did. From my experience, here are some things that might give a signal that a business is doing money game:


  1. Promising high yields in a relatively short time or even instantly, often up to tens of percent per month, or hundreds of percent per year.
  2. Did not mention the risks that might occur.
  3. Often accompanied by heralding business permits that turn out to be fake.
  4. Sometimes even showed famous faces that might be in the business.
  5. Using MLM (multi-level marketing) system as a front (not to discredit any MLM business because many of it are actually legit, we just have to do our research on such companies).
  6. The large commissions are not from selling products but from recruiting new members.


Since then I have never touched money game business again. It used to be exciting for me, but now it makes me feel apathetic and sceptical when offered such a business. When I do get offered, I would run as far as I can. 😊 Please be careful, Moduers!



Moduers Story is a column written by Moduit users. All experiences are personal to and have become the responsibility of each writer.


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