Moduers Story – First Kilometer



The theory is not the same as practice; this expression is just right. When we learn to swim, we already know the idea, even read the instructions for swimming, maybe in the beginning, we still swallow so much water or even almost drown. When we run, perhaps at first, for only 1 to 2 km, that is a normal part of the learning process. It was tough initially, but maybe someday we will look back and see the process as a “funny” memory. I am now also able to study, even though I have read several books; still, it turns out that in practice, it is not as easy as the theory. I understand the idea, but in doing it, it was still wrong and could deviate sometimes. Although you have known the basics, you can still feel hesitation, you can always be not confident in taking actions, and you are still trying to adjust yourself.


In such a short time, I learned a lot of mistakes in the stock market, where in the past, I could only hear, but it turned out that even though I have listened to and tried, I still have made many mistakes and failures, including:


  1. I was feeling overwhelmed with panic with others.
  2. Too quick to realize a profit, like picking flowers before they bloom
  3. Too much speculation (buy and sell) caused profits to decrease.
  4. Not creating a plan, so I missed taking action in critical moments.
  5. Less courage to cut loss when having made wrong decisions


That is my list of mistakes, and there are many other mistakes that if I list down all, it will cover several pages, for they were too many.


I also felt the pleasure of buying a stock when suddenly it got profitable. But I also felt shocked when stock prices fall, watching the portfolio suddenly minus in a matter of minutes, and decreases in every hour. I felt like I owned shares, but I couldn’t sell it. Want to buy shares, but got no chance. Ah, this is how it feels.


I felt like quitting, but I was fortunate to have a mentor who encourages me plus always gives recommendations for books (more like pillows, they are so thick 😉). I hope I can read them all. Fortunately, even though I have made many mistakes, they were not fatal. Hopefully, in the future, I can avoid making those stupid mistakes, and I can be even better as an investor. Investing in the capital market is indeed not easy. It is much easier and more convenient to invest in bank deposits, gold, and mutual funds, especially when you don’t have spare time. I also experience a big crisis this year; hopefully, it will give me many valuable lessons for the future.


Well, this is my first kilometer. Indeed, the journey is still long; I hope to catch up on the next kilometer soon. I hope the results won’t betray the efforts. 😉



Moduers Story is a column written by Moduit users. All experiences are personal and have become the responsibility of each writer.


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