Hi, Moduers!

Moduers, lately there have been lots of investment fraud offers on behalf of famous people and even companies in the financial industry such as Moduit. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who become victims of these investment fraud offers. So, it would be best if you recognized the following characteristics of investment frauds so that you won’t become the next victim.

1. Investment frauds Offer Unreasonable Profits/Returns

Moduers, you should be suspicious when you get an investment offer that generates a very high and fixed profit or returns in a short time. Since basically, business investment (Yes, there is a business behind every investment) almost generates uncertain profits, unless the asset is in bonds or bank deposits which causes a reasonable amount of coupons or interest regularly.

The following table below is a guide of reasonable return of each investment instrument:


Investment Instruments

Net Annual Return


Bank Deposits



Money Market Fund



Fixed Income Fund



Balanced Fund



Equity Fund/Index Fund






Government Bonds



P2P Lending






Foreign Exchange


Source: Bloomberg, Investing, Kemenkeu, Kontan, and other relevant sources.

The data for each investment instruments’ return may change over time and market conditions.

2. Free or Minimal Risk

Besides offering fast and fantastic returns, investment frauds also usually claim that the investments have minimal or even risk-free. The primary character of every investment is a high risk, high return. If you want to get 20% of the return, you must be ready for a 20% loss. (Even though it’s still floating, which means the investment won’t realize the profit or loss until you sell or redeem.)

3. Using Well-Known Public Figure or Company’s Name

When offering investment frauds, fraudsters often use well-known public figures or large companies’ name to gain potential victims’ trust. They also claim that the investments they offer have been registered and supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority) by showing fake licenses. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find out more and be critical of every investment offer you receive. You can also visit OJK’s official website or Bappebti’s for checking the list of official investment products.

4. Request Transactions Outside the Official Application

Currently, many investment applications (such as Mutual Fund investment, P2P lending, stocks, etc.) are available to make it easier for users to invest. A good and valid investment application must be registered and supervised by OJK and have received permission from the Indonesian Republic Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo). So, it would be best if you refused to do investment transactions outside the company’s official application or website, Moduers.

5. Unofficial Destination Bank Account

Moduers, you need to be careful when you are asked to transfer to the bank account number that doesn’t match the company’s name or the public figure. When you invest in Moduit, and you want to pay, please make sure that the name of the destination bank account starts with Reksa Dana. For instance, you want to invest pays for the Principal Philanthropy Social Impact Bond Fund. The name of the destination bank account is Reksa Dana Principal Philanthropy Social Impact Bond Fund.

Then, how to avoid investment fraud?

1. Mindset: Investing is Not a Way to Get Rich Instantly

If your investment goal is to get rich instantly, then you should build the right mindset and goals first, Moduers. Since from the characteristics of investment frauds above, which offer high profits immediately and without risk, we can realize that their targets are greedy people who want to get rich instantly.

2. Find as Much Information as Possible Before You Invest

Find as much information as possible before you invest, starting from:

a. The company profile;

b. Its business license;

c. The people behind the company;

d. The types of investment offered and how does it work;

e. Investment risks and return, until;

e. Its official social media and testimonials from people who have invested there.

For investments in the capital market such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, make sure the company is registered and supervised by OJK. In comparison, investment companies in commodities such as gold must obtain a permit from Bappebti (Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency).

People who work in the capital market or the commodity market, in general, must have a special license or permit to carry out their profession. For example, an expert from the fund management team must have obtained a license as a WMI (Representative of an Investment Manager) from OJK to manage assets in the mutual fund.

3. Always Be Critical to Information and Offers You Received

The ease of disseminating and receiving information makes us have to be more careful in digesting information before making decisions. So, every time you receive information or investment offer, make sure you find out the truth first and always remember the 2 L principle (Legal & Logic), Moduers!

You can also report to Satgas Waspada Investasi (Investment Alert Unit) from the OJK if you find a fraudulent investment through [email protected]  or call 157 (OJK’s customer service). 

Happy investing, Moduers!

Salam Moduit!