Easy Way to Invest in Mutual Fund for Housewives

Based on our interviews with mom bloggers through Whatsapp about investment, investing in mutual fund is not common for them and some of them are even afraid to try it. Most of their investments are in the form of tangible product such as gold and property. When asking them about mutual fund, they are still confused about the way it works and how to start it. Even if the information about mutual fund can be easily found in the internet, not everyone can understand it clearly. Whether it is because of the term that is not commonly used or other factors that may be involved as well. It’s true that learning by doing is the best way to learn something, but we also need to be cautious because it is money that we are talking about.

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Why housewives need to invest?

As the one who manage the financial in family, they need to understand about saving, spending, and investment. Who doesn’t want to be able to achieve anything? Having a house, personal car, being able to send their kids to a decent school, and many things related to financial.

All of them can be achieved through good financial management, increasing income level, reducing expense, and investing as soon as possible. In this article, we are going to highlight the importance of investment.

In a simple way, investment is preparing fund for future needs. Through investment, it allows us to prepare money for purchasing expensive products such as house and car. it can also be used to prepare emergency funds such as fee for college or paying hospital bills. So, we are all agree that investing is important.

Understanding Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual fund is one of many investment instruments which is suitable for those who has limited amount of capital and little of investment experience. In mutual fund, our money will be collected and managed by Investment Manager. You also need to acknowledge that investing in mutual fund doesn’t need a huge amount of capital, only with IDR 100.000 you can start to invest in mutual fund. You can also buy and sell it anytime you want. So, that’s why mutual fund is very recommended for housewives.

In the past, those who want to invest in mutual fund need to spend a lot of time by going to the bank. Thanks to technology advancement, we don’t need to do that anymore. Now, investing in mutual fund can be done easily through mobile apps such as Moduit.

What is Moduit and How Does it Relate to Mutual Fund?

Moduit is a website and application-based platform that provide user to do transaction in mutual fund. It is free and can be downloaded through Playstore and Appstore.

Moduit was created with the purpose of solving the problem in the society that is having a hard time to start investing especially in mutual fund. Moduit will guide you to choose mutual fund products depending on your profile risk.

To make sure that we are on the same page here, Moduit isn’t selling mutual fund product, it only creates a platform for people who want to invest in mutual fund and making it as easy as doing online shopping. Just open the app/website, choose the product, buy, and confirmed the transaction so the fund manager can manage our asset.

cara mudah reksa dana, apa itu reksa dana, reksda dana yang aman untuk pemula, investasi reksa dana bagi ibu rumah tangga

Now, Moduit already has partnered with 11 fund managers with 53 products in total, including 10 Sharia products. All of the products can be guaranteed as a safe product since it is already authorized by Financial Services Authority. After reading it, you may already get the insight about mutual fund and willing to invest, but still confused about how to invest. So, we will guide you through the process of doing mutual fund transaction in Moduit


8 Steps to Invest in Moduit

1. After installing the application, proceed to the registration process, make sure your name, email address, and phone number are already correct.

2. Answer the 6 questions that already provided by Moduit to determine your risk profile, so the suggestion for your investment decision later on can be adjusted based on the profile risk that you already answered in this step.

3. Before choosing type on mutual fund, you need to create financial plan to know the total target and how long do you plan to achieve it. For example, your financial goal is having a holiday for the next 2 years.

cara mudah reksa dana, apa itu reksa dana, reksda dana yang aman untuk pemula, investasi reksa dana bagi ibu rumah tangga

4. Now, you need to fill how much money will you invest in the first place, how much return would you expect in a year, and also the time span. In this calculator, your first investment has minimum amount which is 1 million. After filling all the data, Moduit will calculate your investment value at the end of your period.

5. On the next step, Moduit will provide the most suitable composition of your portfolio based on your profile risk. From the initial investment which is 1 million, it will be allocated into 4 types of mutual fund. The allocation amount will be different for each profile risk. For example, people with conservative risk need to allocate their money in 20% of money market, 25% of fixed income, 25% of balanced, and 30% of equity.

cara mudah reksa dana, apa itu reksa dana, reksda dana yang aman untuk pemula, investasi reksa dana bagi ibu rumah tangga

6. After getting the composition, it’s time to choose which products do you want to buy for each category. While looking for the product you can also check their prospectus and fund fact sheet to analyze their performance. After you know what kind of product that you want to buy, just follow the instruction on your smartphone.

7. After you have done with the purchase, go to your cart and check out, then you will receive OTP code through Whatsapp.

cara mudah reksa dana, apa itu reksa dana, reksda dana yang aman untuk pemula, investasi reksa dana bagi ibu rumah tangga

8. Just transfer the exact amount of money to the bank account number. Don’t forget to confirm the transaction using the link which you would receive from the Whatsapp. You only have 24 hours to transfer the money, if you exceed the given time then your transaction will be expired.

In conclusion, Moduit is an investment platform which is suitable for those who are
inexperience in investing, especially in mutual fund. Not only guiding people in choosing their product, Moduit also accompany their investor in reaching their goal through helping them in choosing the right product. For the application itself, Moduit is smooth and no need to worry about their security because the verification code for each transaction will be sent directly to the investor via Whatsapp. In addition, you can use your fingerprint to log in.

So, mommies what are you waiting for? With Moduit, there will be no reason for you to procrastinate in investing your money. Because just by saving your money, it doesn’t make you reach your financial goal, we have to start growing our money. Wish you luck!.

cara mudah reksa dana, apa itu reksa dana, reksda dana yang aman untuk pemula, investasi reksa dana bagi ibu rumah tangga
Ka-Ki- Jeffry Lomanto (Founder Moduit Apps) & Charles Jap (Co Founder)