The First Step to Invest in Moduit

You already ready to start investing but you may wonder how to start. We are pleased to answer that
question. That’s why we provide you with 3 options which can be chosen according to your preferences.

1. Invest in Money Market Mutual Fund

Money market Mutual Fund possess the lowest risk compared to the other type of mutual fund. This fund consists of domestic money market instrument and/or bonds with maximum maturity period of 1 years.

The return of money market mutual fund in Moduit using the 1-year period are within the range of 4,95% until 6,18%. The return may look the same or lower than the bank term deposit interest. But the interest from the bank deposit will be deducted by income tax as much as 20%. While in mutual fund, the return that you get won’t be deducted by income tax anymore. Other than that, investment in deposit is not liquid because it would lock your money for some certain period of time. While for mutual fund you can withdraw your money anytime.

This option is suitable for:

  • People who are inexperience in mutual fund before.
  • People who want to try to invest in mutual fund with minimum amount of money (from
    Rp.10.000, – depends on the product).
  • People with period of investment less than a year.

*) By 1 April 2019

2. Use Moduit Navigator Feature

Using the investment vehicle which is suitable for your profile risk, will help you reach your financial goal effectively. Usually, investors need to consult with financial advisor or financial planner to compose investment portfolio. The good news is, Moduit provides a feature that will personalize your own portfolio based on your goal. Moreover, this feature can also remind you periodically to rebalance your portfolio.

The option is suitable for:

  • You who already have financial goal.
  • People with minimum capital of Rp.1.000.000 to invest with period more than a year.
  • People who want to invest regularly every month.

3. Choose your Own Mutual Fund

In choosing mutual fund, there are some criteria to be considered in mind:
a. Type of mutual fund:

  • Money Market: consists of domestic money market instrument and/or bonds
    with maximum maturity rate of 1 years.
  • Fixed Income: Consists at least 80% of bonds.
  • Balance: Consists of maximum 79% of equity, bonds, and money market.
  • Equity: Consists at least 80% of equity.

b. Category: Conventional or Sharia.
c. Period of return: 1 month, 1 year, 3 year, year-to-date.
d. Risk: Standard deviation, beta, and sharpe.

  • Standard Deviation: Differences of expected and actual return based on historical performance.
  • Beta: Shows how stable is the fund movement compared to the market. The higher the value means the fund will be more fluctuate compared to the market. The value of 1 means the fund’s movement is in line with the movement of the market. Less than 1 means it is more stable than the market. More than 1 means it is more fluctuate than the market.
  • Sharpe: Comparison between the return received by the investors and the risk taken by the Fund Manager.

This option is suitable for:

  • People who are experienced in mutual fund.
  • People who want to create their own portfolio.