Promo Cashback dari Principal
Moduit Articles Special Cashback from Principal

Hi Moduers, Earn cashback worth IDR 100,000 by following these terms and conditions: Purchase any of […]

Moduit Articles Promo – Cashback IDR 100.000 From Danareksa

Hi Moduers, Earn cashback worth IDR 100,000 by following these terms and conditions: Purchase any of […]

Moduit Articles Investing Amidst The Evolving Financial Landscape

If you’ve been anywhere remotely near the financial industry in the last several months, you’ve probably […]

Moduit Articles Cashback for New User, Up To IDR 2 Million

Cashback for new users up to 2 million rupiah. It’s easy, just invest in Moduit and […]

Membangun Portfolio Reksa Dana
Moduit Articles Building a Mutual Fund Portfolio

For those of you who are accustomed to investing, especially mutual fund investments. You definitely want […]

Moduit Articles Cashback IDR 1 Mio For You

Hi Moduers. Year-End is Coming, Get cashback up to 1 million rupiahs from Moduit. How to […]


Hi, Moduers! Moduers, lately there have been lots of investment fraud offers on behalf of famous […]

The Uncertainty of Mr Market
Moduit Articles Mr Market is Full of Uncertainty, What Should I Do?

Hi, Moduers! As an investor, don’t you face the uncertainty of the capital market the same […]

Moduit Articles The Importance of Psychology in Investing

Hi, Moduers! Have you already read many investing books, enrolled in Mutual Funds seminar frequently, already […]

Moduit Articles All About US Dollar Mutual Funds

Hi, Moduers! Don’t you know that you have the opportunity to invest in Mutual Funds with […]

Moduit Articles Some Sharia Mutual Fund Facts You Need To Know

Hi, Moduers! In investing, we will face various investment instrument choices and, on top of that, […]

Moduit Articles What to Do When My Portfolio Caught on Fire?

Once upon a time, a Young Man lived alone in the city and wished to buy […]

Moduit Articles Easy Way To Calculate Mutual Fund’s Capital Gain

Hi, Moduers! When we invest in a mutual fund, of course, we expect it to generate […]


Hi, Moduers! Do you realize that the purchasing power of money has weakened over time? If […]

Moduit Articles How to report Mutual Fund in Personal Annual Income Tax Report

Mutual Fund is Not Tax Object In investing, naturally you as investors want to get a […]

Moduit Articles Equity Fund vs Index Fund

Hi, Moduers! Do you know? Based on the investment portfolio, there are four mutual funds: money […]

Cara Membaca Prospektus Reksa Dana

Hi, Moduers! Before buying a mutual fund, there are two things you need to pay attention […]

Moduit Articles Insurance or Investment: Which One Is The First?

  Hi, Moduers! If financial planning is like a house, then cashflow management, debt management, and […]

Smart Ways To Start Investing
Moduit Articles Smart Ways To Start Investing

Hi, Moduers! Lately, there have been many questions about how to start investing. It is an […]

Moduit Articles How To Read a Fund Fact Sheet Easily

Hi, Moduers! In today’s digital era, many things can be done easily online. One of them […]

Moduit Articles Bank Deposits vs Money Market Funds: Which One is More Profitable?

Hi, Moduers! Moduers, for your short term investment or emergency fund, where do you invest usually? […]

Moduit Articles 5 Important Things To Consider When Choosing Mutual Funds

  “To choose the best mutual fund, there are a few things to consider and easy […]

Moduit Articles Make Your Dreams Come True: Study Abroad

Hello, hello hi, Moduers! Welcome back with Momin at #MoTauAjaSeries. Moduers, are there any of you […]

Moduit Articles Want to Invest? Invest with Moduit!

Hi Moduers, The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As quoted by […]

Moduit Articles Be Wealthy in Crisis – Now or Wait for The Next One? Your Choice, Moduers!

Hi Moduers, Without us realizing, it has been almost 2 months where majority of all of […]

Sertifikasi dan Lisensi Praktisi Keuangan
Moduit Articles Financial Licence & Certifications: Whom Should I Trust?

Hi Moduers,   Most of you might be asking about license and certifications for a financial […]

Moduit Articles The Number of Covid-19 Cases And Unemployment Rate Are Increasing, How Come IHSG Is Also Rising?

Hi Moduers,   The equity market usually projects a country’s economic situation which translates to economic […]

Moduit Articles Fund Managers Becoming Suspects, what is the fate of Mutual Funds?

Hi Moduers,   The news about 13 Fund Managers who became suspects in the Jiwasraya case […]

Welcome To the Not-So-Normal New Normal
Moduit Articles Welcome To the Not-So-Normal New Normal

Hi Moduers,   Just a few more days according to the plan on easing the Large-Scale […]

The New Normal: When Instagram Turns into Selling Stalls
Moduit Articles The New Normal: When Instagram Turns into Selling Stalls

Hi Moduers,     From the title itself, you could tell that it is really up-to-date! […]

Moduit Articles To Turn Rich from Crisis: now or next crisis?

Hi Moduers,   It’s been two months since the majority of us undergo new normal, doing […]

Moduit Articles THR has arrived! Hooray Hooray Horray!

Hi Moduers, THR has arrived! What Have Used Your THR for? Have you received your Tunjangan […]

Moduit Articles What Should You Do With Your THR? Check Out These Tips!

Hi Moduers, Idul Fitri 2020 is coming up in around 2 weeks-time! There are various activities […]

Moduit Articles Tips to Conquer Hunger and Thirst from Moduit to Moduers

Hi Moduers, The fasting month has been going on for almost a week, how is your […]

Moduit Articles Investment Strategy: Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum

Hi Moduers, You have been provided with knowledge related to investing through articles available in Moduit […]

Moduit Articles Simple Interest vs Compound Interest – Same or Different?

Hi Moduers, Do you understand the difference between simple interest and compound interest? Other than the […]

Moduit Articles Needs or Wants? Find out the Difference!

Hi Moduers, Congratulations, without realizing you have been building a strong foundation and enriching yourself with […]

Moduit Articles Get to Know about Investment Instruments

Hi Moduers, Is investing important? You must have understood the importance of investing since young after […]

Moduit Articles Importance of Investing since Young

Hi Moduers, After the discussion about emergency fund and the instrument that is most suitable to […]

Moduit Articles Emergency Fund: Where Should You Keep It?

Hi Moduers, Now that you have understood the importance of preparing emergency fund and also you […]

Moduit Articles Understanding Your Risk Profile Before Investing

Hi Moduers! Have you realized the importance to prepare for emergency fund just like the importance […]

Moduit Articles Prepare Your Emergency Fund

Hi Moduers! During social/ physical distancing, which team are you in? Team with less expenses or […]

Moduit Articles Team with More or Less Expenses?

Hi Moduers! How are you after going through social/ physical distancing to prevent further COVID-19 outbreak? […]

Moduit Articles Social Distancing aka #stayathome

Hi Moduers!   Again, it is about Corona Virus (COVID-19) where positive COVID-19 cases in Indonesia […]

Moduit Articles Don’t be Afraid, Moduers!

Hi Moduers! Fear – What immediately comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘fear’? […]

Moduit Articles Corona Virus (COVID-19) is declared as Pandemic by WHO

Hi Moduers! Did you know that COVID-19, which has spread over more than 110 countries with […]

Moduit Articles Market Correction? Stay Calm, Moduers!

Hi Moduers, Market corrected more than 6% today (9/3), what happened? What caused the steep decline […]

Moduit Articles Market Outlook featuring John Rachmat, Pinnacle Investment

Welcoming Second Quarter of 2020 and Preparation in the Midst of Market Volatility   Hi Moduers, […]

Moduit Articles Reporting Mutual Fund in Personal Annual Income Tax Report Has Been Made Easier with Moduit!

Hi Moduers, Have you reported your personal annual income tax? Don’t miss the reporting period since […]

Moduit Articles Curious about the Mutual Fund Selection Process in Moduit? Let's Find Out!

Hi Moduers, In this article, we would like to discuss about the Mutual Fund selection process […]

Moduit Articles Moduit Gives ‘Angpao’ of Total Rp 2 Million!

Hi Moduers!   Welcoming year of 2020, what is your resolution?   For you whose resolution […]

Moduit Articles Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

Happy New Year 2020 Moduers, The year of 2019 has passed. Dynamics from trade war between […]

Moduit Articles Market Outlook 2020 – Moduit with PT Principal Asset Management

Hi Moduers! Approaching year 2020, it’s time to discuss about market outlook 2020. For this purpose, […]

Moduit Articles The Power of Compounding #ILoveYou10K

Hi Moduers! Before we start our discussion in this article, perhaps you could take your time […]

Moduit Articles Tips for Choosing Mutual Fund Products

Hi Moduers, As previously discussed in the article Preparation to Welcome the Bright December after ‘November […]

Moduit Articles Preparation to Welcome the Bright December after ‘November Rain’

Hi Moduers, End of November is approaching, have you started your investment journey? For you who […]

Moduit Articles ‘November Rain’ in the Capital Market – What does it mean?

Hi Moduers, All of you must be aware that rainy season is starting in November. But […]

Moduit Articles Financial Freedom – Is It Important?

Hi Moduers,   “Jangan sampai besar pasak daripada tiang” – I believe Moduers definitely ever heard […]

Moduit Articles Investasi Reksa Dana – Moduit bersama Manulife Investment Management

Ternyata investasi itu tidak perlu mahal-mahal lho, cukup dengan Rp.10.000,- kita sudah bisa mulai berinvestasi di […]

Moduit Articles Strategi Investasi Semester 2 Tahun 2019 – Moduit bersama Manulife Investment Management

Moduit melakukan interview kepada Investment Specialist dari Manulife Investment Management untuk membahas kondisi market di semester […]

Moduit Articles Moduit, Investment Application for Those Who Want More Money

Moduit Launching March 22nd, 2019 is the date when Moduit application officially launched in Jakarta. In […]

Moduit Articles Invest in Sharia Mutual Fund Starting from IDR 10.000, –

If you apply Sharia Principle in daily life, investing in Sharia Mutual Fund would be a […]

Moduit Articles Why Investing?

Why Investing? Does it really matter? Those are the questions that goes into my mind when […]

Moduit Articles The First Step to Invest in Moduit

You already ready to start investing but you may wonder how to start. We are pleased […]

Moduit Articles Easy Way to Invest in Mutual Fund for Housewives

Based on our interviews with mom bloggers through Whatsapp about investment, investing in mutual fund is […]

Moduit Articles Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

The Fed Kemungkinan Tidak Menaikkan Fed Fund Rate di 2019 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting […]

Moduit Articles Investment Tips for 2019

Aegeus H. Soewito from RHB Asset Management explained the big theme which will be the main […]

Moduit Articles Moduit – Market Outlook 2019

Moduit berbicara dengan Eri Kusnadi dari Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen mengenai kondisi ekonomi dan pasar global […]

Moduit Articles Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

European Central Bank tetap mempertahankan rate suku bunga acuan +/- 0.50% Rapat Dewan Gubernur European Central […]

Moduit Articles Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

Pertemuan antara Amerika Serikat (AS) dan Korea Utara (Korut) yang berlangsung tanggal 27-28 Februari 2019 di […]

Moduit Articles Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

Pertemuan Trump dan Kim Jong Un akan dilaksanakan tanggal 27-28 Februari 2019 di Vietnam Presiden Amerika […]

Moduit Articles Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

Pertemuan Trump dan Xi Jinping akan berlangsung tanggal 2 Maret 2019 Presiden Amerika Serikat (AS) Donald […]

Moduit Articles Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

Pemerintah Amerika kembali dibuka setelah mengalami shutdown terpanjang selama 35 hari Pemerintah Amerika kembali dibuka pada […]

Moduit Articles Inflation

“Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and as deadly […]

Moduit Articles Investing in Mutual Fund

Why is it important to invest? That’s the most common question people ask about investing, but […]

Moduers Story Moduers Story – Investing Online vs Bank

I started investing in mutual funds for more than 5 years ago. At first, I only […]

Moduers Story Moduers Story – At War with Investment Instruments

  Investment is not something that can be measured solely in numbers because I think investing […]

Cerita Moduers - Kilometer Pertama
Moduers Story Moduers Story – First Kilometer

    The theory is not the same as practice; this expression is just right. When […]

Moduers Story Moduers Story – The Five Laws of Gold

The Five Laws of Gold   Have you ever felt that you had worked so hard, […]

Moduers Story - Stock Market
Moduers Story Moduers Story – Stock Market

I knew the term stock market for more than 10 years ago but only got interested […]

Moduers Story Moduers Story – P2P and Crowdfunding

  The investment world is surprisingly broad. It’s a shame if we only limit ourselves to […]

Moduers Story Moduers Story – Money Management Tips

  Nothing is instant in this world. This applies to business, career and investments. In the […]

Moduers Story Moduers Story – Money Game

I started investing in mutual funds not after I did some research from Google, or after […]

Moduers Story Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

Kondisi Makroekonomi Global Pemungutan suara yang dilakukan oleh anggota parlemen Inggris tanggal 16 Januari 2019 berkaitan […]

Moduers Story Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

Wait and See Di Tengah Ketidakpastian Pasar Global   Tiga faktor utama yang akan mempengaruhi pergerakan […]

Moduers Story Coffee Time – Majoris Asset Management

Statement Dovish dari The Fed Memberikan Sentimen Positif Emerging Market   Pada hari Jumat tanggal 4 […]

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